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To squirrel away something (or squirrel something away) is to store something (especially money) in a safe or secret place so you can use it later. A squirrel is a tree-dwelling rodent with a long bushy tail, that eats mainly nuts, berries and seeds. Squirrels bury nuts and other food underground in autumn. During the cold winter months they eat these hidden stores of … [Read more…]

A day’s grace is time left or extra time allowed before something happens, or before something must be done. Grace days or grace period refers to a longer period of time such as a month, a few weeks or a year. Examples of use: 1. His bank manager has given him a day’s grace to clear his overdraft before she closes his account. 2. You have a few weeks’ grace … [Read more…]

To toss for something is to decide who will get or do something by throwing a coin in the air and guessing which side of the coin will be on the top when it lands.   Examples of use: 1. Jackie: Which one of us is going to have the last cake?     Hilary: Let’s toss for it! 2. There were four of us but we only had three tickets to see Lady Gaga, so we … [Read more…]

To phish for something is to secretly and dishonestly get information such as credit card details, usernames and login details by using fake websites and emails. Examples of use: a) Fake toolbars phish for personal details on Facebook. b) Thieves phish for bank card details. c) He was caught phishing for financial information, and went to prison for three … [Read more…]

The breadwinner of a family is the member of the family whose wages are their main source of support. Example of use: a) Sophie stays at home to look after the children, and Peter is the breadwinner of the family. b) Who is the breadwinner in your family? c) News headline: Breadwinner wives reign in 44% of homes.     Image © little blue hen … [Read more…]