Limber up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To limber up is to do some gentle exercises in order to stretch your muscles and prepare your body for taking part in a sport or other serious physical activity.

Examples of use:

1. Remember to limber up before the race.

2. I injured my back when I was limbering up for the marathon.

3. If you don’t limber up before doing strenuous exercise you might damage a muscle or ligament.

4. Stay healthy and fit in the winter months and do a little limbering up before shovelling piles of snow off your driveway!

5. Substitute Jack Divall limbered up on the sidelines.

See also warm up.

limber up
present simple
limber up and limbers up
-ing form
limbering up
past simple
limbered up
past particple
limbered up

Do you limber up before you play sport?

Have you seen football players limbering up before they play a match?

Can you write your own sentence using this phrasal verb?

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