Leap on/upon – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To leap on, or leap upon, something, is to immediately show a lot of interest in something, especially because you think it will give you an advantage.

Examples of use:

1. News headline: Currency traders leap on rising confidence in US economy

2. He is hoping that companies at the top of the software industry will leap upon his new designs.

3. Their government leapt upon the new laser-guided weapons.

4. They leapt upon the errors in the contract and forced us to pay more money.

leap on / upon
present simple
leap on / upon or leaps on / upon
-ing form
leaping on / upon
past simple
leapt on / upon or leaped on / upon
past participle
leapt on / upon or leaped on / upon

This is quite a difficult phrasal verb to use in a sentence. Can you write a sentence with it?