Laze about / around – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To laze about (or laze around) is to enjoy yourself by relaxing and doing nothing or very little.

laze (verb) – to rest lazily; to idle

Examples of use:

1. I lazed about in the garden on my day off.

2. We lazed around by the hotel pool all week.

3. Our cat loves lazing around in the sun.

laze about /around
present simple
laze about / around or lazes about / around
-ing form
lazing about / around
past simple
lazed about / around
past participle
lazed about / around

Can you think of any ways to use the phrasal verb ‘laze about‘  or ‘laze around‘ in a sentence?

What’s your favourite way to laze about? I enjoy lazing about in my garden and reading a good book.

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