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One of the things I love most about my work is meeting really interesting people from such different cultural backgrounds. I travelled a lot when I was younger (though not so much in recent years), and meeting people from all over the world, plus my love of language, was my inspiration to become an English language teacher. The students I’ve taught have come from many … [Read more…]

Have you heard of Twitter? I expect you have. Perhaps you and your family and friends already use Twitter to keep in touch with each other. I use Twitter almost every day to contact and chat with friends, business contacts, other teachers, and English language learners. I find it a quick, easy and very useful way to learn new things, ask for and give advice and support, share … [Read more…]

A few weeks ago I wrote about my recommended tips for learning English. In that blog post I advised learners to listen to songs recorded in English to help develop their English listening skills. In this post I will give you more information and ideas to help you use songs for learning and practising your English.   Why is listening to songs helpful for … [Read more…]

Are you thinking about taking a one-to-one English language course? Or wondering how to choose a suitable teacher for your one-to-one lessons? One-to-one English language lessons and courses are a very popular way of learning for many students. Here are some tips for deciding if one-to-one is the best option for you, plus some useful advice on choosing a teacher.   Who … [Read more…]

In order to lean English successfully, you need lots of motivation and you have to work hard. Here are a few tips to help you learn effectively 🙂 A good English teacher is vital for your success, and a good teacher will provide excellent lesson content and help you with homework, resources, and strategies for learning; however, most students can only manage one or two … [Read more…]