Knock out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To knock someone out is to hit them so hard that they become unconscious.

Examples of use:

1. He hit his opponent on the head and knocked him out.

2. The burglar knocked the old man out.

3. Jonathan! Stop hitting your brother, you’ll knock him out!

When somebody is knocked out they are hit by someone or something so hard that they have become unconscious.

Examples of use:

1. He was knocked out for two minutes.

2. She fell off her bike, hit her head on the road, and was knocked out.

To knock out a person or team in a competition is to defeat them so they have to stop taking part.

Examples of use:

1. Our team was knocked out on the second day of the competition.

2. The blue team are easily knocking out all of their opponents.

If something knocks you out it amazes, surprises or pleases you a lot. Informal English.

Example of use:

1. We went to see the Taj Mahal and we were knocked out by its beauty.

To knock out something is to produce or make it very quickly, or hastily. British English. Informal.

Examples of use:

1. The factory is knocking out thousands of cheap toys every day.

2. He’s been an artist for years, and he can knock out a painting in a day.

infinitive knock out
present simple knock out and knocks out
-ing form knocking out
past simple knocked out
past participle knocked out

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