Invite over – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To invite over somebody (or invite somebody over) is to ask them if they would like to visit you at your home.

To invite around / round somebody or invite somebody around / round has the same meaning.

Examples of use:

1. James invited us over for tea and cakes.

2. Why don’t you invite your boss over for a meal on Friday?

3. I have been invited around to Emma’s house.

4. Whenever his parents are away he invites his friends over for a party!

5. We would like to invite you round to our house but our kitchen isn’t finished.

infinitive invite over
present simple invite over and invites over
-ing form inviting over
past simple invited over
past participle invited over

Can you think of any ways to use the phrasal verb ‘invite over‘ in a sentence?

Who do you invite over to your home?

Image © Everett Mar