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The English language has many idioms relating to time: here are twelve of the most common expressions. ♦ to be behind the times – to be behind the times is to be out-of-date and old fashioned; to have old fashioned ideas. Example: My grandparents are a little behind the times.   ♦ to keep up with the times – to keep up with the times is to work … [Read more…]

♦ to go Dutch – when people go Dutch, each person in a group activity or on a date pays for their own expenses, or the expenses are divided and shared equally. Example: My boyfriend and I always go Dutch when we go on a date.   ♦ Dutch courage – confidence or courage acquired by drinking alcohol. Example: I had a glass of wine to give myself some … [Read more…]

♦ Queen’s English (or King’s English) is standard or correct grammatical English spoken or written in the United Kingdom. It may be spoken in any accent. It is used for many forms of written text including newspapers, business letters, essays, text books, fiction books, CVs, and government documents. When the British monarch is a queen, standard English is … [Read more…]

To be nuts about something is to be very enthusiastic about it. To be nuts about someone is to be very fond of someone, or to love them very much.   Examples of use: 1. I’m nuts about nuts and dried fruit! 2. Everybody knows Marko is nuts about Maria. 3. I’m nuts about you! 4. My son was nuts about trains when he was younger. 5. My friend … [Read more…]

A guinea pig is somebody or something that is used to test new ideas or products. Guinea pigs are small stout-bodied rodents. In the UK they are often kept as much-loved pets. Unfortunately, they are also often used in research labs for research and biological experiments, and this is the origin of this idiomatic expression. Examples of use: 1. I wanted to test a new … [Read more…]