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Here are some useful idiomatic expressions for expressing happiness.

over the moon

To be over the moon about something is to be very happy about something: so happy and excited that you imagine you could jump or fly over the moon!

Examples of use:

1. I passed all my exams – I’m over the moon!

2. We feel over the moon about the birth of our grandson.

3. I’m absolutely over the moon to have tickets for the 2012 Olympics in London.

on cloud nine

If you are on cloud nine you are extremely happy.

Examples of use:

1. He was on cloud nine after she agreed to marry him.

2. News headline: Novak Djokovic on cloud nine after defeating Andy Murray to win Australian Open.

3. News headline: Nintendo 3DS users on Cloud 9 after free Wi-Fi deal announced.

in seventh heaven

To be in seventh heaven is also to be extremely happy, or in a state of bliss. In Islamic and Jewish faith there are seven heavens: the seventh is the dwelling place of God and the angels.

Examples of use:

1. We’ve been in seventh heaven since we retired to our farmhouse in Italy.

2. Take That fans were in seventh heaven when Robbie Williams agreed to rejoin the band.

on top of the world

If you are on top of the world you are enjoying great happiness, health or success.

Example of use:

1. England’s cricketers are on top of the world after their recent win.

2. My job is going well and I have a wonderful family: I feel on top of the world!

jump for joy

To jump for joy is to feel very happy about something: so happy that you could jump up and down for joy, or you are actually jumping up and down for joy!

Examples of use:

1. She jumped for joy when she was promoted at work.

2. They were jumping for joy when they discovered they had won the lottery!

3. News headline. Great exam results have students jumping for joy.

walking on air

If you are walking on air you are extremely happy and full of joy: so happy that you feel like you are floating on air.

Examples of use:

1. He’s been walking on air since he met Sarah.

2. I felt like I was walking on air when they told me I’d passed my interview.

3. We were walking on air for weeks after the doctor said we were expecting twins!

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