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February 12, 2012 by Angela

1. To hype up something (or hype something up) is to intensively advertise or promote something, often to make something seem more important or impressive than it really is.

Informal English.

Examples of use:

a) The new movie was hyped up in all the newspapers and magazines.

b) The publisher is really hyping up the author’s new book – I hope people who buy it aren’t disappointed.

c) They hyped up their new television programme for weeks; but it was a complete failure.

hype up means the same as hype (verb)

hype (noun) – lots of advertising and publicity to make people interested in something.

2. To hype up someone (or hype someone up) is to deliberately make someone feel very excited or enthusiastic about something.

Informal English.

Example of use:

a) The band’s lead singer hyped up the crowd by jumping into the audience.

hyped up (adjective) – excessively excited or nervous 

Informal English.

Examples of use:

a) My children get hyped up when they eat too many sweets.

b) Some people think that video games make teenagers hyped up.

hype up
present simple
hype up and hypes up
-ing form
hyping up
past simple
hyped up
past participle
hyped up

Can you use this phrasal verb in a sentence?

Can you think of something that has been hyped up?

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