How can I use Kindle to learn English? – Online English Lessons

You can now read the Online English Lessons blog on Kindle!

Getting English lessons delivered to Kindle can be a good way for you to practise your English.

How can I use Kindle to help me learn English?

♦You have easy access to authentic English language texts such as magazines, newspapers, books and blogs. This can encourage you to spend more time reading English, which is very important for improving your language skills.

♦If you are learning specific vocabulary or phrases, you can use the Search facility and type in a word or phrase you’re learning. Kindle will find every example of your word or phrase in your book, or across your Kindle library. So, for example, you could search for examples of a specific phrasal verb and see how it is used in context in different texts.

♦Kindle has a built in Oxford Dictionary of English. If you find a word you don’t understand, you can place your cursor on it and the definition will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen.

♦You can highlight and clip things that you find interesting, or things you don’t understand, and save them so you can study or revise them later.

♦Using the QWERTY keyboard, you can make your own notes on texts to help with your learning. These notes can be edited, deleted and exported.

♦Kindle also has text to speech software so you can listen to texts being read in English. I’m not sure how helpful this is though because, of course, the voice will not sound completely natural and you will not hear the natural rhythm and stress of English. If you already use a Kindle, do you use the text to speech facility? If so, do you find it useful?

♦You can learn and practise your English in your spare time, when you are away from your computer. You can learn sitting in a coffee shop, while travelling or waiting for an appointment, at the airport or train station, in bed, or curled up on the sofa. You can even read your Kindle in bright sunlight in the garden, or on the beach.

How much does it cost?

You usually have to pay for content you read on your Kindle and the prices vary, but most texts are very reasonably priced, and over 1 million free books are available. Blogs, for example, are available for the equivalent of £0.99 or £1.99 per month. You can sign up for free a 14 day trial to see if you like the blog before you decide whether to subscribe.

Get Online English Lessons on Kindle

If you would like to read this blog on Kindle, search for ‘Online English Lessons Blog‘ in the Blogs section of the Amazon Kindle store  (we’re in the Lifestyle and Culture category).

The Amazon Kindle is available to people in over 170 countries – the eBook Reader site has very useful information to help you find out if Kindle is available where you are.

Do you use Kindle to help you learn English? I’d love to hear from you if you do.