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Films (or movies) in English are a good source of authentic and varied English language use, and can be a motivating and enjoyable way to practise and develop your English language skills. Peter Song, co-founder of AppsAsia, has written a guest post for me about the iPhone app SpeedUpTV. SpeedUpTV lets you view videos and slow them down so you can listen … [Read more…]

Anita Hunt of Nita Joy Craft Design has very kindly written me a guest post about the plants and flowers associated with some of the counties and countries of the UK. ___________________________________________ Flowers and plants are used in so many ways throughout our lives. They mark a variety of occasions such as the celebration of births and weddings, and the … [Read more…]

London property landlord Nick Parkin has written a guest blog post for us. In it he talks about different British English accents, and his experience of just how confusing they can be even for a native British English speaker! British English accents British Accents can be incredibly confusing to someone not born and bred in the country. Any particular accent will often … [Read more…]

A few days ago I wrote a short post about correcting errors in spoken English. This morning I received an email with a teacher’s thoughts on this subject which I have included here as a guest post. Khazin teaches English in Indonesia and we have had some very interesting chats by email and Skype. I hope one day he will also write a guest post about his experiences as an … [Read more…]