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April 13, 2010 by Angela

1. To grow up is to become older or to become an adult.

Examples of use:

a) When I grow up I want to be a doctor.

b) He grew up in Thailand.

c) She’s growing up fast.

2. Grow up is something you say to someone who is behaving in a childish or immature way.

Examples of use:

a) You’re being stupid. Why don’t you grow up?

b) Oh grow up! I’ve heard enough of your silly jokes.

3. grown-up (adjective) – When children look or behave in a mature way they are grown-up.

Example of use:

She looked very grown-up in her new dress.

4. grown-up (noun) – a grown-up is an adult. Informal English – usually used by children.

Example of use:

He wanted to sit with the grown-ups but he had to look after his brother and sister.

grow up
present simple
grow up and grows up
-ing form
growing up
past simple
grew up
past participle
grown up

For advanced learners:

Read some of the fascinating stories from a study run over 50 years testing what helps childhood dreams become reality. In 1969 when they were 11 years old, 14,000 British children were asked to write 30-minute essays predicting what they might become when they grew up.

When I grow up……..

“I plan to see the whole world before I die and maybe to see the Moon beneath my feet.”

“I wish to be an author when I am older and write several books… I hope to be quite wealthy later in life when my books are published.”

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