Gross out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To gross out someone (or gross someone out) is to disgust them.

If something grosses you out, it makes you feel ill because it is very unpleasant or disgusting.

American informal English

Examples of use:

1. I don’t like eating oysters. They gross me out.

2. His smelly feet really grossed me out.

3. That rotten egg smell is grossing us out.

4. The blood and gore in the horror film grossed them out.

5. Their dirty kitchen always grosses us out!

6. He thinks it’s funny to gross out his girlfriend by burping loudly.

gross out
present simple
gross out and grosses out
-ing form
grossing out
past simple
grossed out
past participle
grossed out

Can you write a sentence with this phrasal verb?

What grosses you out?

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