Grapple with (something) – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To grapple with something is to try very hard to deal with or understand a difficult subject or problem.

Examples of use:

1. I’ve been grappling with English phrasal verbs all day.

2. Our town council often grapples with the problem of graffiti on public buildings.

3. News headline ( G8 leaders grapple with euro crisis.

4. News headline ( NATO ministers to grapple with Afghan troubles.

5. Article headline ( BBC, SKY News and CNN grapple with Twitter rules.

grapple with
present simple
grapple with and grapples with
-ing form
grappling with
past simple
grappled with
past participle
grappled with

Do you grapple with English phrasal verbs?

Image © Dan McKay