Goof around – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To goof around is to spend your time doing unimportant things or behaving in a silly way.

Mainly American informal English

Fool around has the same meaning as goof around.

Examples of use:

1. Stop goofing around!

2. The children were goofing around in the park.

3. We spent most of our summer holiday just goofing around by the pool.

4. Stop goofing around and do your homework!

5. He failed his exams because he goofed around at college.

6. She goofs around at work a lot and drives us all crazy.

goof around
present simple
goof around and goofs around
-ing form
goofing around
past simple
goofed around
past participle
goofed around

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Image © Taro Taylor