Go under – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. If a business or company goes under, it fails financially and closes.

Examples of use:

a) They went under during the last recession

b) I worked for a small retailer until they went under last year.

c) Our biggest customer has gone under owing us over £30,000.

d) Their company went under because they failed to keep up with the latest developments in technology

e) Do you really think we risk going under if we don’t have a good social media strategy?

2. If something in water goes under (e.g. a ship or a person), it sinks below the surface of the water.

a) The band on the Titanic carried on playing music until the ship went under.

b) The oil tanker went under during a massive storm.

c) The sailors were rescued seconds before their boat went under.

go under
present simple
go under and goes under
-ing form
going under
past simple
went under
past participle
gone under

Practise your English by answering these questions (you can write your answer in the comments, or send it to me ):

1. Can you think of a company that went under in 2012?

2. Have you ever worked for a business or company that went under?

Can you use the phrasal verb ‘go under’ in your own sentence?

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