Give up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. If you give up something (or give something up) that is bad for you (for example alcohol, smoking, and eating fatty foods) you stop doing it or having it.

Examples of use:

a) Eric gave up smoking two years ago.

b) We’re trying to lose weight so we’ve given up eating cakes.

c) He had to give up drinking alcohol because it made him ill.

2. To give up something (or give something up) is to stop doing a job, or something else you do regularly.

Example of use:

a) He gave up work to look after his children.

b) Marta has given up collecting china pigs. She collects china elephants now.

3. To give up something (or give something up) is also to stop doing something because it is too difficult for you to continue.

Examples of use:

a) I gave up learning English because I was too busy with work and my family.

b). He wanted to finish the marathon but he had to give up after ten miles.

c). She had to give her job up because her elderly mother was ill.

4. To give up is to stop trying to think of the answer to a question or problem, or a joke.

Examples of use:

a) I give up. I don’t know the answer. Tell me what it is.

b) I gave up trying to remember the date of my friend’s birthday and asked her mother instead.

give up
present simple
give up and gives up
-ing form
giving up
past simple
gave up
past participle
given up

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