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A good sport is someone who accepts in good spirit or good humour, being beaten at something: someone who loses gracefully.

A good sport can also be someone who does not mind being laughed at when a joke or trick is played on them: someone who has a good sense of humour.

Examples of use:

a) She was very disappointed she didn’t win the race, but she was a good sport about it.

b) He never complains when he loses a tennis match – he’s such a good sport.

c) We are always playing tricks on our dad. We’re lucky he’s a good sport!

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To join in something is to become involved in an activity with other people.

Examples of use:

1. Your brother is playing football in the park. Why don’t you go and join in?

2. We’re playing cards tomorrow night. Come and join in. Everyone is welcome.

3. Amelia is very shy. She never joins in with the other children’s games.

join in
present simple
join in and joins in
-ing form
joining in
past simple
joined in
past participle
joined in

Image by Ivan Zuber

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