Frown on – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To frown on, or frown upon something, is to disapprove of it: to believe that it is wrong and that it should not be done.

Examples of use:

1. Having an untidy garden is frowned upon in our neighbourhood.

2. Using your mobile phone in hospital is frowned upon.

3. I don’t like visiting my parents. They frown on my lifestyle and tell me I am irresponsible.

4. He doesn’t care if his wife frowns on his fast driving.

5. She frowns on her female members of staff wearing short skirts.

frown on / upon
present simple
frown on / upon and frowns on / upon
-ing form
frowning on / upon
past simple
frowned on / upon
past participle
frowned on / upon

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