Float around – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

If a story, idea or information is floating around (or floating about) it is being talked about by a lot of people.

Examples of use:
1. There’s a rumour floating around that the business will be taken over by a competitor.

2. He said there’s talk floating around of moving the business to India . I haven’t heard anything about it though. Have you?

If something is floating around a place, you know it is there somewhere, but you are not sure exactly where it is.

Examples of use:
1. I can’t see a thing. My glasses are floating around here somewhere. Can you see them?

2. Today’s newspaper is floating around here somewhere. I wish I could remember where I put it.

infinitive – float around

present simple – float around and floats around

-ing form – floating around

past simple – floated around

past participle – floated around

Image by Augapfel