Flag down – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To flag down somebody or something (or flag somebody or something down) is to signal or wave at the driver of a vehicle to get them to stop.

Examples of use:

1. Our camper van broke down on a quiet country road, and we had to flag down a passing motorist and ask for help.

2. It was pouring with rain so we decided to flag down a taxi.

3. The police officer flagged me down because one of my headlights wasn’t working.

4. They found a man lying unconscious in the street so they flagged down a passing police car.

5. She was about to give birth to her baby in the back of the car – fortunately her husband managed to flag down a passing ambulance!

flag down
present simple
flag down and flags down
-ing form
flagging down
past simple
flagged down
past participle
flagged down

Practise your English by answering these questions (you can write your answer in the comments, or send it to me 🙂 ):

1. Have you ever flagged down a taxi?

2. Have you been flagged down by the police?

3. Has your car ever broken down?

Can you use the phrasal verb ‘flag down’ in your own sentence?

Image © Tim Herrick