Finish with – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To finish with something is to stop needing or using something.

Examples of use:

a) Can I read that book when you’ve finished with it?

b) Have you finished with the computer?

c) My father doesn’t let anyone read his newspaper until he has finished with it.

d) Have you finished with this saucepan? Can I wash it up and put it away?

2. To finish with someone is to end a romantic relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Examples of use:

a) He finished with her last night and she’s heartbroken.

b) Is Marko still your boyfriend?

    No, I finished with him last week.

3. To finish with someone is to stop dealing with someone, or punishing someone.

Examples of use:

a) Have you finished with me? Can I go now?

b) Come back here! I haven’t finished with you yet.

c) He’ll be sorry he laughed at me by the time I’ve finished with him.

infinitive finish with
present simple finish with and finishes with
-ing form finishing with
past simple finished with
past participle finished with

Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

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