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To be nuts about something is to be very enthusiastic about it. To be nuts about someone is to be very fond of someone, or to love them very much.   Examples of use: 1. I’m nuts about nuts and dried fruit! 2. Everybody knows Marko is nuts about Maria. 3. I’m nuts about you! […]

Here are some useful expressions for expressing or talking about anger.   gets one’s goat If something annoys or irritates you, it gets your goat. It’s thought this expression might have its origins in horse racing. Nervous racing horses were kept with goats in order to keep them calm. If a horse’s goat companion was […]

  Here are some useful idiomatic expressions for expressing happiness. ♦ over the moon To be over the moon about something is to be very happy about something: so happy and excited that you imagine you could jump or fly over the moon! Examples of use: 1. I passed all my exams – I’m over […]