Feelings | Online English Lessons – Part 2

To keep your chin up is to stay positive and cheerful in difficult circumstances. Keep your chin up is something you say to somone to try and cheer them up, and help them stay positive in difficult circumstances. This expression is often shortened to chin up. Examples of use: 1. Keep your chin up: your […]

To frown on, or frown upon something, is to disapprove of it: to believe that it is wrong and that it should not be done. Examples of use: 1. Having an untidy garden is frowned upon in our neighbourhood. 2. Using your mobile phone in hospital is frowned upon. 3. I don’t like visiting my […]

To flip out is to lose control, or become very excited or very angry. Informal American English   Examples of use: 1. I flipped out when I realized I’d won the lottery. 2. He flipped out when he saw the scratch on his new car. 3. Our teacher flipped out and sent us all home […]