Fall out : English Phrasal Verb : Online English Lessons

1. To fall out with someone is to become upset or angry with them, and stop being friendly with them.

Examples of use:

a) We fell out over something very small.

b) I fell out with my sister because she broke my necklace.

c) Ingrid and Beatrice fell out when Ingrid crashed Beatrice’s car.

A falling-out (noun) is an argument or disagreement.

Example of use:

Jerry hasn’t spoken to his brother for years. They had a falling-out over money.

2. If your hair falls out it becomes loose and unattached.

Examples of use:

a) My hair fell out when I was ill.

b) My father’s hair started to fall out when he was only 30, and now he is completely bald.

fall out
present simple
fall out and falls out
-ing form
falling out
past simple
fell out
past participle
fallen out

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