Essential Phrasal Verbs | Online English Lessons – Part 2

  1. To call off something (or call something off) is to cancel a planned event, or an event that has already started. Examples of use: a) They are calling the tennis match off because of the rain. b) They called off the wedding. c) Mike is ill so we will have to call the […]

  1. To set off is to start a journey. Examples of use: a) What time are we setting off? b) They set off for home. c) There are roadworks on the motorway so you’d better set off early. d) He set off from Paris last Sunday. e) We set off for London with only […]

To write down something (or write something down)  is to write something on a piece of paper so that you do not forget it. Examples of use: 1. They wrote down everything their teacher said about learning phrasal verbs. 2. I wrote his telephone number down. 3. Can you write down a list of things […]