English Phrasal Verbs | Online English Lessons – Part 3

I often hear and read that learners of English find learning English phrasal verbs very difficult, so I was surprised and happy to see that on a poll I recently conducted on this site asking Do you enjoy learning English phrasal verbs?, over 80% of the people who took part said “yes”! So, whether you love or hate phrasal verbs, this post has a few ideas to help you learn … [Read more…]

To freak out is to suddenly react in an angry, afraid, or very surprised way. To freak out somebody (or freak somebody out) is to make them feel angry, afraid or very surprised. Informal English.   Examples of use: 1. We freaked out when we saw the ghost at the window. 2. He freaked out when he realised his new car had been stolen. 3. Margaret … [Read more…]

To limber up is to do some gentle exercises in order to stretch your muscles and prepare your body for taking part in a sport or other serious physical activity.   Examples of use: 1. Remember to limber up before the race. 2. I injured my back when I was limbering up for the marathon. 3. If you don’t limber up before doing strenuous exercise you might … [Read more…]

To buy out somebody or something (or buy somebody or something out) is to buy all or part of a company or business from somebody else. Examples of use: a) We’ve just signed a deal to buy them out for $2 million. b) My business partner wanted to retire so I bought her out. c) If you want total control of the business, why don’t you try buying him … [Read more…]

1. If a business or company goes under, it fails financially and closes. Examples of use: a) They went under during the last recession b) I worked for a small retailer until they went under last year. c) Our biggest customer has gone under owing us over £30,000. d) Their company went under because they failed to keep up with the latest developments … [Read more…]