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451 English phrasal verbs

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Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜A’

act out

add up to

answer back

ask (someone) in

ask out

ask over / round

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜B’

bail out

barge in

believe in

belt out

belt up

big up

bite back

blend in / into

bliss out

blow away

blow down

blow up

blurt out

boil over

book up

bottle out

break down

breeze into

breeze through

brick up

brighten up

bring forward

bring off

brush up

bubble over

bucket down

build up to

burn down

burn off

burn out

butter up

butt in

buy out

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜C’

call back

call off

call round

camp out

care for

cash in on

cash up

cast away

cave in

change down

check in

check out

cheer up

chicken out

chill out

chip in

chirp away

chop up

cloud over

clown about

come out (photo)

confide in

contract out

cool down / off

coop up

copy in

cotton on

cram in / into

crop up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜D’

dawn on / upon

deck out

die back

dip into

doll up

doze off

draw in

draw up

dress up (somebody)

drift apart

drift off

drink up

drop out

drum up

dry up

dying for (something)

Phrasal verbs beginnning with β€˜E’

eat out

eat up

egg on

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜F’

fall about (laughing)

fall apart

fall behind

fall down

fall for

fall out

fall over

fall through

feed up

fess up

finish with

fish out

flag down

flip out

float around / about

flood out

flutter about / around

fold in

fool around

fork out

freak out

freshen up

frown on

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜G’

get ahead

get along

get up

give it up for

give up

goof around

go on

go under

grapple with (something)

grass on/up

grass over

gross out

grow up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜H’

hack into

hand down

hand out

hang around (and hang round and hang about)

hang out

hang up

harp on

hit it off

horse about / around

hose down

hot up

huddle up

hurry up

hush up

hype up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜I’

idle away

invite over

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜J’

jazz up

join in

jumble up

jump at

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜K’

keel over

key in

knock out

knuckle down

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜L’

latch on

laugh off

laze about / around

leaf through

leap at

leap on / upon

leap out at

let off

lie around

lighten up

limber up

line up

listen in

littered with

live down

live through

live up to

load down

load up

lock out

lock yourself away

look after

look back

look down on

look out

Look out!

look up somebody

look up something

look up to

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜M’

make it up to

make up

marry into

measure up

meet up

mess up

mill about / around

move in

move in together

move out

move up

muck about

muddle up

mug up

mull over

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜N’

name after

note down

Phrasal verbs begining with β€˜O’

open onto

open up

own up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜P’

pack away

pack out

pack up

pair off

pass away

pay up

pencil in

perk up

phish for

phone back

phone up

pick up

pig out

pile up

play up

plumb in

polish off

poodle around

pose as

post up

pour down

pour out

print out

pull out

pull up

push in

put across

put back

put down

put off

puzzle out

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜Q’

queue up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜R’

rained off

read out

rely on / upon

rent out

report back

ring out

rip off

rip up

rope in

rub out

run around

run (something) by (somebody)

run off with

run out

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜S’

saddle up

save up

scrape in / into

scribble down

sell off

sell out

sell up

send for (somebody)

send off

set off

settle down

settle up

shell out

shop around

show around / round

show off

sign up

sing along

sit around / sit about

skive off

slave away

sleep in

sleep through

slip away

smarten up

smell of

sneak up

snap up

snowed in

snowed under

soldier on

sort out

speak up

spell out

split up

spread out

squirrel away

stand around

stand by (somebody)

stand out

stay behind

stay over

steam up

step up

stick around

stock up

storm out

stow away

stuff up

suss out

sweep up

swot up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜T’

tail back

take over

take to

take up

talk over

tamper with

team up

tell off

thaw out

thin down

throw away

tidy up

tied up

toss for

touch down

trigger off

try on

turn against

turn away

turn down

turn in

turn into

turn off

turn to

turn up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜V’

veg out

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜W’

wait about / around

wait in

wait up

wake up

walk out

warm to

warm up

wash up

waste away

wear off

weigh up

weird out

while away

wind down

wind up

work out

worm out of

wrap up

wriggle out of

write down

write off

write up

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜Y’

yell out

Phrasal verbs beginning with β€˜Z’

zone out

zonk out

zoom in

zoom off

zoom out