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To sneak up is to approach a person or an animal without them seeing or hearing you. Often used with ‘on’ – sneak up on   Examples of use: 1. The cat sneaked up on the bird. 2. Don’t sneak up on me like that – you scared me! 3. They sneaked up behind him and nearly gave him a heart attack. 4. Only a Ninja can sneak up on another Ninja If something … [Read more…]

The phrasal verb ‘die back’ is an expression you might hear often in autumn and winter. When a plant dies back, the parts that are above the ground die, but the roots stay alive and the plant grows again in the spring.   Examples of use: 1. Does this plant die back in winter? 2. The garden always looks so untidy when the plants are dying … [Read more…]

1. In autumn or winter, when it gets dark earlier and the days are shorter, it’s common to hear people comment that “the nights are drawing in”. When the days, evenings or nights draw in, it gets dark earlier in the day. Examples of use: a) The evenings are really drawing in now. b) The leaves are changing colour, the nights are drawing in, winter is … [Read more…]

1. To fold in something (or fold something in) is to slowly and carefully add food (e.g. sugar, flour and egg whites) into another food mixture, with a spoon or spatula. Examples of use: a) Fold the sugar in and then pour into the container. b) Next, fold in the cocoa powder. 2. To fold something into something is to slowly and carefully add food (e.g. sugar, … [Read more…]

To plumb in something (or plumb something in) is to connect a washing machine, toilet, bath, etc. to the water pipes in a room. Examples of use: 1. I’m waiting for the plumber to come and plumb in our new washing machine. 2. Our bath isn’t plumbed in yet so we have to wash in the sink. 3. When he was plumbing the toilet in he broke the water pipe and … [Read more…]