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I often hear and read that learners of English find learning English phrasal verbs very difficult, so I was surprised and happy to see that on a poll I recently conducted on this site asking Do you enjoy learning English phrasal verbs?, over 80% of the people who took part said “yes”! So, whether you […]

To plumb in something (or plumb something in) is to connect a washing machine, toilet, bath, etc. to the water pipes in a room. Examples of use: 1. I’m waiting for the plumber to come and plumb in our new washing machine. 2. Our bath isn’t plumbed in yet so we have to wash in […]

Films (or movies) in English are a good source of authentic and varied English language use, and can be a motivating and enjoyable way to practise and develop your English language skills. Peter Song, co-founder of AppsAsia, has written a guest post for me about the iPhone app SpeedUpTV. SpeedUpTV lets you view videos and […]