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83 English idioms and idiomatic expressions, plus idioms to express anger, happiness, and unhappiness.

Idioms for happiness

♦ Find the perfect idiom to express your happiness with these happiness idioms

Idioms for unhappiness

♦ Or if you’re feeling sad, here are some idioms for expressing unhappiness  

Idioms for anger

♦ And here are some idioms for expressing anger.

Scary idioms

Idioms, phrasal verbs and sayings for Halloween

Weather idioms

33 weather idioms

Idioms about language

9 language-related idioms

Time idioms

♦ 12 time-related idioms

Alphabetical list of idioms

Latest idiom: nuts about (someone or something)

Idioms beginning with ‘A’

a bad egg

a day’s grace

an April Fool

an Indian summer

a piece of cake

as bright as a button

as cunning as a fox

as different as chalk and cheese

as fresh as a daisy

a show of hands

as prickly as a hedgehog

as proud as a peacock

as sick as a parrot

as the crow flies

a storm in a teacup

as tough as old boots

Idioms beginning with ‘B’

bats in the belfry

bear garden

blue-collar worker

bread and butter


burn the candle at both ends

busman’s holiday

Idioms beginning with ‘C’

cauliflower ear

cheesed off

couch potato

Idioms beginning with ‘D’

dead wood

Idioms beginning with ‘E’

eat humble pie

Idioms beginning with ‘F’

foul one’s nest

Idioms beginning with ‘G’

ghost town

go bananas

(a) good sport

go to seed

grin like a Cheshire cat

guinea pig

Idioms beginning with ‘H’

haul over the coals

have one’s work cut out

heart of gold

hit the hay

hold the purse strings

Idioms beginning with ‘I’

I’ll eat my hat

in clover

in the twinkling of an eye

Idioms beginning with ‘K’

keep your chin up

Idioms beginning with ‘L’

led by the nose

Idioms beginning with ‘M’

make light work of

mint condition

mud in your eye

(to) mushroom

Idioms beginning with ‘N’

night owl

nineteen to the dozen

nosy parker

not a sausage

nuts about (someone or something)

Idioms beginning with ‘O’

once in a blue moon

on tap

on the breadline

Idioms beginning with ‘P’

play possum

pull the rabbit out of the hat

put a sock in it

Idioms beginning with ‘R’

raining cats and dogs

raise the roof

Idioms beginning with ‘S’

sail through

sandwich course

send to Coventry

smell a rat

snake in the grass

soap opera

spend a penny

spill the beans


sweet tooth

Idioms beginning with ‘T’

the lion’s share

through the grapevine

tip of the iceberg

turn over a new leaf

Idioms beginning with ‘U’

ugly duckling

up with the lark

Idioms beginning with ‘W’

water off a duck’s back

white-collar worker

work on a shoe-string


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