Drum up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To drum up something is to try and increase interest in something, or support for something.

Examples of use:

1. Our marketing team is drumming up interest in our new product.

2. He’s trying to drum up more email subscribers to his new blog.

3. We drummed up lots of new customers with our special offers.

4. The burglar pretended to have a sick mother in order to drum up sympathy from the judge.

5. We need to drum up some new business or we will go bankrupt.

6. News headline: Cameron drums up support for royal wedding street parties.

7. News headline: China sends its Tibetan specialist to drum up trade opportunities.

drum up
present simple
drum up and drums up
-ing form
drumming up
past simple
drummed up
past participle
drummed up

Image © Jim Winstead Jr