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To change down is move the gear lever in order to change to a lower gear in a motor vehicle. British and Australian English. US English: downshift (verb)   Examples of use: 1. I changed down to third gear to go up the hill. 2. Change down to second gear. 3. My car has a fault. When I change down to third gear the gear lever gets … [Read more…]

1. To draw up a piece of furniture (especially a chair) is to move it closer to something or someone. Examples of use: a) Draw up a chair. It’s much warmer here by the fire. b) Draw your chair up to the desk and look at these documents with me.     2. To draw up something (or draw something up) is to prepare a document or plan. Examples of use: a) I’ve … [Read more…]

1. To turn off something (or turn something off) is to stop it from working or flowing with a switch or a tap. Turn off is the opposite of turn on. Examples of use: a) Don’t forget to turn the tap off when you’ve finished washing your hands. b) I’ve turned off all the lights and locked the door. c) This switch turns off the kitchen light. … [Read more…]

1. If a vehicle, or someone driving a vehicle, pulls up the vehicle slows down and stops, often for a short time only. Example of use: The school bus pulled up at the bus-stop and the children got off.   2. To pull up somebody (or pull somebody up) is to criticize them for something they are doing wrong. Example of use: Her boss pulled her up for getting to work … [Read more…]