Drink | Online English Lessons

1. To water down something (or water something down) is to add water or another liquid to a drink to make it less strong.   Examples of use: a) This beer has been watered down! b) My father drinks watered down whisky. c) Some people water down wine to make a pleasant summer drink.   2. To water down something (or water something down) is to make a plan or … [Read more…]

A storm in a teacup is a big fuss made about something of little importance. Examples of use: 1. My brother and sister had a big argument about the television yesterday, but it was just a storm in a teacup. 2. News items: a) In a case of a legal storm in a teacup, police forced a stunned magistrate to deal with a man accused of damaging a $3 plastic cup. b) Gordon … [Read more…]

1. To pour out something (or pour something out) means to fill a container with a liquid; for example, fill a glass with water or wine, or a cup with milk. Example of use: The waiter poured out a glass of champagne for everyone. 2. This phrasal verb also has other meanings. It can mean to leave somewhere in large numbers. Example of use: As soon … [Read more…]