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July 14, 2011 by Angela

To doll up something (or doll something up) is to add things to it to make it more attractive.

doll yourself up – if a woman dolls herself up, she tries to make herself look more attractive for a special occasion by putting on make-up and nice clothes.

This expression is sometimes used in a disapproving way.

Examples of use:

1. We dolled ourselves up for the office party.

3. He dolled her present up with ribbons and colourful paper flowers.

4. She really dolls herself up when she goes out.

5. I’ll be ready in ten minutes. I just need to doll myself up before we go out!

2. News item: Celebrity Kim Kardashian isn’t a stranger when it comes to getting dolled up for the cameras. (adjective)

doll up
present simple
doll up and dolls up
-ing form
dolling up
past simple
dolled up
past participle
dolled up

See also jazz up

Can you use doll up in a sentence?

Do you doll yourself up when you go to a special occasion or event?

Image © Renata Alves dos Anjos

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