Die back – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

The phrasal verb ‘die back‘ is an expression you might hear often in autumn and winter.

When a plant dies back, the parts that are above the ground die, but the roots stay alive and the plant grows again in the spring.

Examples of use:

1. Does this plant die back in winter?

2. The garden always looks so untidy when the plants are dying back.

3. These plants die back every winter and then grow new leaves and flowers each spring.

4. After harvest, the hop plant dies back.

die back
present simple
die back and dies back
-ing form
dying back
past simple
died back
past participle
died back

Practise your writing skills and write answers to these questions:

1. Do you have plants in your garden that die back?

2. What’s your favourite garden plant? Do you know if it dies back in winter?

Can you write your own sentence using the phrasal verb ‘die back’?

Image © Jim McDougall