Deck out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To deck out somewhere or something (or deck somewhere or something out) is to decorate a thing or a place, usually for a special occasion.

Usually passive¬† + “with”

Examples of use:

1. The houses were all decked out with christmas decorations and lights.

2. The street was decked out with flags and streamers for Will and Kate’s wedding.

3. Our wedding car was decked out with white ribbons and balloons.

4. We decked the pub out in green for St.Patrick’s Day.

2. To deck out somebody (or deck somebody out) is to put on fashionable or colourful clothes for a special occasion.

Often reflexive.

Examples of use:

1. She decked herself out for the party in a Marc Jacobs blue silk dress, and matching shoes.

2. The guests were all decked out in their new wedding clothes.

3. He strutted into the room decked out in tight yellow jeans, red high-heeled boots, Gucci sunglasses and an Indian Jones hat.

4. I’m going to deck myself out in my best clothes tonight.

deck out
present simple
deck out and decks out
-ing form
decking out
past simple
decked out
past participle
decked out

Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

Have you decked out a room for a special occasion?

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