Crop up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

If something crops up it appears somewhere, usually in something that you see, hear or read.

Examples of use:

1. Shakespeare’s influence on the English language crops up often.

2. Two or three years ago, hardly anyone had heard of Twitter – now it crops up everywhere.

3. Who is Justin Bieber? His name seems to crop up all the time.

For more advanced learners: Gardens crop up in war zones (Washington Times)

If a problem crops up it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

Examples of use:

1. Can we postpone Thursday’s meeting, please? Something has cropped up.

2. I have been trying to write my English essay all day, but things keep cropping up and distracting me.

crop up
present simple
crop up and crops up
-ing form
cropping up
past simple
cropped up
past participle
croppped up

Can you write a sentence with the phrasal verb ‘crop up‘?

Can you think of anything that crops up everywhere?

Image of  Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre by Magnus D


William Shakespeare was an English dramatist (writer of plays) and poet. He died in 1616.

The Globe Theatre (in the photo above), is in London. It was founded by American actor and director Sam Wanamaker as a memorial to Shakespeare, and it is dedicated to the performance of Shakespeare’s plays and to the education of people about Shakespeare and his work.

Building work began on The Globe Theatre in 1987 and the building was completed in 1997.