Cosmopolitan – English Vocabulary – Online English Lessons

If a city or other place is cosmopolitan (adjective), people from many different cultures and countries live there.


1. London is a cosmopolitan city.

2. Paris is a very cosmopolitan place to live and work.

3. Because of immigration, many cities across the world are now very cosmopolitan.

If a person is cosmopolitan (adjective), they have travelled a lot and and have experience of many different cultures and countries.


1. When I was at school a girl from South Africa joined our class. We all thought she was very cosmopolitan.

2. She’s genuinely cosmopolitan: she has travelled the world researching languages and culture, and she speaks six different languages.

3. He’s a real cosmopolitan. (noun)

Can you use this word in a sentence?

Do you live in a cosmopolitan city?

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