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To coop up somebody or something (or to coop somebody or something up) is to keep an animal or person in a small place.

Usually passive.

coop (noun) – a cage or small enclosure for keeping poultry.

Examples of use:

1. Our chickens don’t like being cooped up so we let them out in the garden every morning.

2. They cooped their parrot up in a tiny cage.

3. Her teenage son coops himself up in his room with his computer games.  

4. I wish it would stop raining. The children are tired of being cooped up in the house.

5. It’s horrible being cooped up in a tiny office when the sun is shining outside.

6. We can’t keep the dogs cooped up in the house. Can you take them for a walk?

coop up
present simple
coop up and coops up
-ing form
cooping up
past simple
cooped up
past participle
cooped up

Can you use this phrasal verb in a sentence?

How do you feel about being cooped up in an office or classroom on a sunny day?

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