Cool down / off – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. When somebody (or something) cools down they become less warm.

Example of use:

a) Dinner is ready, but it’s very hot and needs to cool down before we eat it.

b) It’s too hot in the garden so I’ve come indoors to cool down.

c) Be careful. The coffee is hot. Let it cool down before you drink it.

2. To cool down somebody, or something, (or cool something or somebody down), is to make them become cooler.

Example of use:

That bath water is very hot. Put some cold water in it to cool it down.

3. When somebody (or something) cools down, or cools off, they become calmer, less angry or less excited.

Examples of use:

a) Martin was very angry this morning, but he’s cooled off now.

b) Yesterday, they were very enthusiastic about buying our house, but they’ve cooled off today.

4. To cool somebody or something down / off is to make them become calmer.

Example of use:

Your father is very angry with you. Go and speak to him and help cool him down.

infinitive – cool down / off

present simple – cool down / off and cools down / off

-ing form – cooling down / off

past simple – cooled down / off

past participle – cooled down / off

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