Come out (photo) – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

If a photograph or part of a photograph comes out, the picture can be seen clearly

Examples of use:

1. The red chair came out really well in this photo.

2. Your graduation photo has come out well – you look great!

3. My photos of sunsets never come out as well I hope they will.

4. We’re so disappointed that our wedding photos didn’t come out very well.

5. Our camera was faulty and none of our holiday photos came out.

come out
present simple
come out and comes out
-ing form
coming out
past simple
came out
past particple
come out

Have you taken any photos that haven’t come out very well?

The image in this photo is from a very old book Physics in Pictures, which was published in 1882. I think the person who drew that picture would be amazed at how much photography has changed since 1882.