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1. To deck out somewhere or something (or deck somewhere or something out) is to decorate a thing or a place, usually for a special occasion. Usually passive  + “with”   Examples of use: 1. The houses were all decked out with christmas decorations and lights. 2. The street was decked out with flags and […]

If someone is as tough as old boots they have a very strong character and can cope with bad conditions and a lot of work. If something is as tough as old boots it is very strong and does not break or tear easily. Examples of use: 1. My grandmother is as tough as old […]

I’ll eat my hat is something you say when you are very confident your opinion or judgement about something is correct. Examples of use: 1. I’ll eat my hat if my father doesn’t like his birthday present. 2. It’s very cold today and the weather forecast is for snow, but I’ll eat my hat if […]