Check out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. When you check out at a supermarket, you pay for your items at the checkout, and leave.

Example of use:

Can you go and get the car while I’m checking out the shopping?

2. When you check out of a hotel you pay your bill, hand in your key and leave.

Example of use:

Our flight is at 1pm so we’ll need to check out of the hotel by 12pm.

3. To check out something or somebody (or check something or somebody out) is to investigate it, look at it carefully, or learn more about it.

Examples of use:

a) Can you check out Mr Morrison’s qualifications before we offer him an interview, please?

b) There’s a new restaurant in Port Isaac. Let’s check it out at the weekend.

If you find that something or somebody checks out you find that the information you have for them is correct.

check out
present simple
check out and checks out
-ing form
checking out
past simple
checked out
past participle
checked out

Image © Patrick Hoesly