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To check in is to show your ticket at an airport so that the airline knows you have arrived, and they can put your bags on the aircraft.

Examples of use:

1. We have to check in at 8 o’clock.

2. Please check in at least one hour before your flight leaves.

The check-in (noun) is the place at the airport where you show your ticket and let the airline know that you have arrived.

To check in (or check into something) is to arrive at a hotel reception desk and tell the hotel staff who you are, and collect your room key.

Examples of use:

1. We need to check into our hotel before 10pm.

2. I’ll meet you in the hotel restaurant in 10 minutes. I’ll just check in and put my suitcase in my room.

3. Where’s dad? He’s checking in and collecting our room keys.

See also, check out

check in
present simple
check in and checks in
-ing form
checking in
past simple
checked in
past participle
checked in

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