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To cast away someone (or cast someone away) is to leave someone alone somewhere (e.g. a desert island)  as a result of a storm or shipwreck.

This phrasal verb is usually used in the passive.

To be cast away is to be left alone on a remote island after a shipwreck or other accident at sea.

Examples of use:

1.  The crew of the ship were cast away on a remote island for six weeks.

2. If I were cast away on a desert island, I would be happy as long as I had food, fresh water and lots of books to read!

3. In the film Cast Away Tom Hanks was cast away on a desert island after his plane crashed into the sea.

cast away
present simple
cast away and casts away
-ing form
casting away
past simple
cast away
past participle
cast away

Can you write a sentence using cast away?

Have you seen the film Cast Away starring Tom Hanks?

Image © Christian Haugen