Cartoon idioms

If you read this blog regularly, you might already know that I love English idioms and idiomatic expressions 🙂

I enjoy writing about them, and I enjoy finding photos that represent either the literal or more figurative meanings of the things I write about.

A good image can make explanations much more engaging and fun, and easier to remember.

With this in mind, I was interested to find this new site Rolls off the Tongue, that explains idioms through the use of cartoons.

The cartoonists will be posting a new idiom with its meaning, origin, and an example sentence, each week. You can interact with each cartoon in various ways, including guessing the idiom, or getting a hint to help you. 

The cartoons are excellent and I think this is a fun way to practise and improve your English.

Guessing the meaning of the idioms from photos or pictures is fairly challenging, so I think these wonderful cartoons are most suitable for more advanced learners of English.

Rolls off the Tongue also have a Facebook page.

Cartoon © Rolls off the Tongue