Call back – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. If you call back somebody (or call somebody back) you telephone someone who rang you earlier; or you telephone someone for a second time.

Examples of use:

a) Mr Evans telephoned while you were out: he wants you to call him back.

b) He forgot to book a double room, so he had to call the hotel back.

c) Can you get Mr Hooper to call me back at 4pm, please?

d) Have you called your mother back?

Call back means the same as phone back.

2. To call back is to return to a place to see somebody again.

Examples of use:

a) Mrs de Vil is in a meeting. Can you call back this afternoon?

b) I called round to see Mark this afternoon, but he wasn’t at home. I’ll call back tomorrow.

call back
present simple
call back and calls back
-ing form
calling back
past simple
called back
past participle
called back

Can you use call back in a sentence?

Who have you called back recently?

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