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To buy out somebody or something (or buy somebody or something out) is to buy all or part of a company or business from somebody else.

Examples of use:

a) We’ve just signed a deal to buy them out for $2 million.

b) My business partner wanted to retire so I bought her out.

c) If you want total control of the business, why don’t you try buying him out?

d) News headline: Railway Engineering Company bought out by Hitachi

e) News headline: THQ Bought Out For $60 Million

buy out
present simple
buy out and buys out
-ing form
buying out
past simple
bought out
past participle
bought out

Can you find a news headline which uses this phrasal verb (online or in a newspaper)?

And can you write your own sentence using this phrasal verb?

You can share your headline or sentence in the comments, or send them to me

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